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Dragon Boyz Special Kindle Price

Dragon Boyz is available on Amazon Kindle for a special price of 

This Children Novel is a great back to school book. It is an exciting fantasy novel that promotes Friendship, Determination, Unity and Love. My son was the true inspiration behind it and his amazing imagination of dragons, wolfmen and the creation of the Dragon Boyz will keep your kids entertained. 
Read and Enjoy!!

It's A Minion's Life....

Classroom theme ....  it's all about learning  while you smile. 

When You Read... You Write

When you read... you imagine...
When you read... you believe...
When you read... you learn...
When you read... you write...

Reading is the doorway to many possibilities and the silver lining to a dark cloud of self doubt and the unknown. It broadens your horizon and exposes you to different cultures, theories and endless discoveries.

In support of Reading Literacy I recently offered my children's novel Dragon Boyz as a special prize to the Maple Leaf International School. So apart from enjoying the experiencing of seeing the pride on their students' faces, I liked showing the young learners what they can achieve if they allow their creative juices to flow.

It was a great honor to present the Grade 3 student with Dragon Boyz, and appreciated the welcome I received from their Librarian, Gena Mohammed and the Maple Leaf school body.

May 31, 2015 - Sunday Guardian of Trinidad and Tobago. Sunday Vibe.

(enlarged clipping)
I wish the school continued success and hope I can be…

Know Thyself and Believe in Yourself.

Recently I have been experiencing what I can only call BLESSINGS.

When I take a look back at my life 2 to 3 years ago, alot of changes occurred. Back then I was hurting, the tears were flowing, and I could not see the light. Back then I did not think I was ready for change, but now I understand why everything happened. It was for a better tomorrow.

I am not the same person I was 3 years ago. Yes I look the same, and love my family and children the same, but I have lived,
                                                   learnt and love again. 

Change was the hardest part and though I usually shy away from it, when confronted by it, I face it head on!!!!

The best part was finally realizing and experiencing a couple of my personal dreams and goals. For those who know me, especially my siblings, know I always wanted to teach children. Even when I was living a year in London I had my aunt regist…

This speaks a wealth of words and wisdom...

I felt like a bird...

Taking the kids to the beach seemed like a good idea. It was a family outing and apart from heading into a 2 and a half hour drive to get to our destination... we were hyped!!

Only when we got there did we find out that we were going to paraglide... and that changed the day entirely. All I can say was... there was a hum of excitement in the air. And after watching the first person go up, not only was a ready to back out... I was very intimidated. If you are afraid of height you definitely cannot do this!

Dylan was very eager to go... if given the chance, he would have been the first one up in the air... but he was patient and waited his turn.

The conditions had to be perfect... Wind Speed - checked Take off space - checked Excited people - CHECKED

 This was Dylan waiting for his turn... once that helmet went on there was no going back.

He was also really brave getting on and had the biggest smile on his face when he came back.

Seeing his shining smile made the trip worth it.

Then it w…