Thursday, 13 June 2013

Not a Virtue pick... but it touches on a few that I think are important.

As a teacher who are constantly dealing with little ones it is important to smile and promote these virtues.

I think this is definitely something for the classroom and home.

Friday, 7 June 2013

The Little Princess in my Life

Her smile means so much to me and her arms are always open to hold me. She is always forgiving and accepts me for who I am.

My princess Sydney.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Virtues Pick ... Devotion.

Funny enough when I got this virtue pick it touch a very sensitive area. I am devoted to my kids and my husband and I will try my hardest to keep the family unit together, so this virtue is very fitting.

Commitment is a very strong word that most people try to honor but few really understand the meaning of it. To me commitment means being there body, soul and heart for someone. It means facing challenges and working through them to keep the commitment going or even make it stronger. This is what it means... what I feel but sometimes I struggle to do this.

For my kids, I sometimes get aggravated easily and though I spend most of my free time with them, do feel my patience running thin. With this virtue I really need to 'discern the purpose to which life call me' and be a more loving, caring and patient mother.

For my husband, I tend to let my mind and my insecurities waver my devotion. I know my love for him is true, I know we have come far in this life's journey together, but sometimes I fear we are more far apart from where we started together. I do not want to feel this way and I struggle to understand our relationship since life and kids have changed us. With this virtue I really need to remember why we fell in love and 'keep faith with my commitment'.

I do sometimes think my life is a battlefield. When I think I have just gotten past one hurdle, another one comes at me head on. So with this virtue I have to daily remember what I hold dear and devote myself to preserving the people and the relationships I have around me.

Food for thought...

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Power of Prayer

It is amazing how life can really take over and sometimes you really lose yourself.

It is amazing how sometimes you take a look in the mirror and you wonder, "Who am I?"

It is amazing how the demands of life forces you to forget your own dreams and goals and put other things ahead.

I love my children but they do demand most of my time.

I love my husband but sometimes I find myself feeling very alone.

I love my job but sometimes I do wish I had a few days to myself.

I know many of you have felt the same way and struggle to keep your head afloat in the Sea of Demands. I sometimes find myself swallowing and sinking into this depression and feeling sorry for myself, but when this happens I turn to one thing prayer.

It is amazing how prayer can feed the soul and lift your spirit. Prayer can make things feel lighter and give you hope. Prayer was exactly what I needed to feel better about myself.

It was and is prayer that is getting me through tough times. They do not give you answers, but they give you the strength to hold on.

I believe in prayer... it is what saves me sometimes.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Virtues... Pick of the Week

With virtues being focused at my school on a weekly basis I have decided to start doing a Virtues pick every week and share how this virtue is impacting on my life... so here goes..

Today's pick was ...

If I try applying this to my work, I really need to learn to be less judgmental and allow people to have their own views and opinions. As a teacher there is a fine line between teaching and controlling what others think. We have to be careful not to cross that line. Teaching is a service that should not be taken advantage of and I do consider myself blessed that I help educate others in a subject they will practice for the rest of their lives.

If I apply it to my home I have to take the time to truly listen to my loved ones and by supportive of what they want. I have to hear what they are saying and allow them the chance to express themselves without fearing of being judged. I love them and with Humility I can show them how I truly feel by just being there.

How would you practice Humility?