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Books… Books… Books. (From the Hunger Games to Sarah’s Key).

So now that I had spent my entire weekend reading the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins I ask myself, “What next?” The only thing I say to describe the series is ‘WOW’. I literally could not put the books down, even to the point of ignoring my kids, which my husband was not too pleased about. But I think… “How often do I just get to sit down and enjoy a good book?” “How often do I get the time to spend all to myself and do something I really enjoy?” If writing is my first joy, reading is definitely my second.

I enjoy reading a good book, understanding the plot, admiring the writers’ style and the imaginary world they develop through their creative language. In the Hunger Games I specifically liked how the author created the futuristic world through the description of the colourful characters, their livelihood, their station and the roles each person personified. Then I appreciated how she achieve this through contrasting sharply the images and lifestyle of those inhabiting the Capitol with the other populated Districts.

However, now that I have completed reading these books and awaiting the movie to see how they are able to capture this futuristic world in cinematography, I have chosen my next book of interest, ‘Sarah’s Key’ by Tatiana de Rosnay. So far all I can say is, it is intense and tends to pull at your emotional strings. I like the alternating world of past and present per chapter, which throws the reading into suspense with what is occurring with Sarah, and then into curiosity with what Julia is obsessing over.  Plus if anyone has seen the ‘Schindler’s List’ you would understand what I mean by pulling at your emotional strings.

It really is the destruction of a family from the Jew’s perspective. But its not from the point of view of an adult, it is of a child’s perspective that we see and understand how she and her family suffer through this difficult time. I am left sadden and speechless from the inhumane behaviour of people. Again only time, and me reading the book, will I understand the complete message. Only time will I possibly appreciate why so many had to suffer and why to this day the world is still haunted by it.

Those who venture onto this book, enjoy but be prepared for a collision of emotions. I have only just begun and I can say it is definitely impressionable. 


  1. I've read Sarah's Key too. It's an excellent book I think you'll really enjoy it.

  2. I have not read the Hunger Games book. I KNOW I am one of the few folks in the US. My son and daughter in law have read them, loved them and were going to the movie tonight. Maybe I need to jump on the bandwagon. :o)

  3. we cannot decide about this book for my 10 yr old., who really wants to read this book...I guess I have to read it myself to decide.. I am the only one left on this planet who has zero interest in this child sacrificing book!! my kids that have read it found it very fast and day and exciting to read..they said he could read it....


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