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Summer Blog Challenge! {15 Interesting Facts!}

15 Things you do not know about me.

1.       I am one of 7 children. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters and my mother is one of 13 children, so I have over 100 extended family members. It great to grow up with so many cousins, but it all kept you on the straight path because everything you did was reported back to my mother.

2.       My great-great-greatgran was a Carib Queen. This heritage is passed on to the women in the bloodline and my mother’s cousin just recently became the new queen. I tell people that they are dining with royalty as I am a Carib Princess.

3.       I paint with acrylics and I have a few of my painting hanging in my home. They are gift I did for my husband and he appreciates every one.

4.       I am a very confident driver. In my country you have to be because taxi and maxi drivers act as if you own the road. So I think if you really want it, well you are going to have to work for it because I have every right to it as you do!

5.       I am a product of a half Chinese mother and a Scottish/Spanish father so my siblings all look different. Luckily I resemble my father the most so at least I tell people I am definitely confirm I am my father’s child… I do not know about the rest of them! Honestly we are called a Callaloo family.

6.       I am slightly OCD and like to see my home clean and tidy. This is a problem when you live with 2 kids and a husband. The funny thing is after they turn the house upside-down they expect me to know where to find what they are looking for.

7.       I watched the full seasons of Dawson’s Creek last month. For some reason I was craving seeing those crazy teenage kids fight over each other. Honestly I was a fan and apparently still is.

8.       I read Twilight series at least once a year. I also reread constantly the Bronte collection.

9.       I am a closet Vampire and zombie freak. I cannot watch it with the kids around and my husband does not care for them. What can I say… I like a little scare every now and then.

10.   If I am flipping through the channels and come across Pirate of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings series on TNT I have to watch it. Even when the Ads drive me crazy I just love to watch them.

11.   My favorite food is burgers and fries. So while trying to diet… I must have it at least every other week. (I lie at least once a week.)

12.   I am left handed but this was forced because the nanny who was taking care of me and my sister were both forced to write with our left hand.

13.   My favorite singers are Bruno Mars, Adele and One Republic.

14.   I believe in spirits and the power of prayer.

15.   I love to play carnival and I get to indulge in it by the grace of my family who keeps the kids and lets me feel free again. There is nothing that can describe wearing a little 2 piece costume and dancing all day in the street. It is liberating… it is fun and it is our culture.


  1. #11 I am glad you were honest to say you LOVE burgers and fries at least once a week! That's the first step! lol! Im your newest follower! Thanx for showing love on my blog!

  2. Wonderful page, Princess. :)
    Really, this is beautiful and I love the post. Thanks for all the info, and I can't wait to come back tomorrow.
    Blog hop stop by and follow.

  3. Very interesting tidbits! I didn't much get into the Twilight books but liked the movies. I like scary and supernatural movies and books. So excited for the new season of True Blood to start next week.
    I'm left handed as well. Thankfully, I wasn't forced to be.

  4. Well No wonder I felt a kindred spirit toward you. Large family, Left handed, and I'm a Queen also. No. No I'm not! But that so soooooo cool ;)

  5. I love those movies and music artists too. :) It's so cool that you are a princess!!

    Btw, thanks for commenting on my blog. You are so right about Pit Bulls, that law they're passing is so unfair.

  6. I agree, blogging is fun! I never imagined before I started that I would actually become comfortable sharing my thoughts with anyone who would read them. It's the writer's mindset, I suppose.

  7. It was great getting to know you a little bit this way. I am glad that you left a message on my blog so that I was prompted to come and visit yours. I love your layout here.
    Wonderful answers. someday I may just have to pick up a Twilight book and read it.

  8. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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