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Back from Hiatus and loved every minute of it.

It is amazing how time flies with the blink of an eye... and how much faster it goes when you are having fun. As a teacher I have had many days where every second feels likes months and the longer I stay in class the older I get :)

With the summer vacation things are just flying by... and the last 10 days just zipped. You see since the beginning of the year (when Dylan started having seizures) I started saving money to take a trip with him. It was the perfect getaway plan. The getaway from the daily routine... the getaway from some responsibility (leaving Sydney my 2 year old with my husband) .... and the getaway from feeling as if the whole was bearing down on my shoulders.

So I took my son to Orlando. Many of you know about this trip because I have been talking about it for some time now. So I decided to just forget all responsibilities and pressing issues and just enjoy the time with my son and my sister's family who came along with me.

We all had a great time and create fantastic memories. We did all the rides possible and took in all the shows. Through it all one thing that was ever present was the tiny hand that was always reaching for me. My son was always at my side (except when I told him he could not have a Harry Potter's Wand and he marched off to his aunt to show his defiance). I did not mind. Although I planned this trip for him, I also wanted him to understand that he cannot get everything he wanted and to really appreciate what he was experiencing. For my sister's kids this was their first visit to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, for us it was our second.

For me it really was a chance to just let my hair loose and forget all the worries. It was a chance to be like a kid again. The only hiccup was loosing my sister's husband first thing in the morning and we had to spend almost 2 hours trying to find him. (We had to... he had all the money to by lunch!)
My best ride was the Harry Potter Castle ride (which I did twice) and my most exciting was the Mummy ride (You just did not know what was coming... so the excitement was invigorating). And to top it all off ... I got some shopping in. Not too much since I did not have much suitcase space... but I still made good use of what I had. :)

 Simply put... this getaway with my son was great. It was well deserved for the both of us and we had ultimate fun. I suggest to anyone to set goals and put aside time for yourself and your family to have fun. It enjoy the spoils before time flies past by you and before you know it you have lost the chance to be a kid with your own kid.

Dylan in Heaven in the Lego Shop Downtown Disney... then it got better when he got a toy from it.
Getting ready to lave loads of fun here... well come on in!!

This made it everything worth it!! He really was a brave trooper!


  1. Cute pics :) Wish I could have gone. Next time with Sydney for sure!! :)

    Love the Christmas Countdown. Cute.


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