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Guardian Angel working Overtime!!

Saturday morning this occurred while I was on my way with the kids to my family's home in San Fernando.

My car is the Blue Madza and my kids were in the back seat!! I had just stopped at a traffic light with 4 cars ahead of me, waiting for the lights to turn green, when the Green car smashed into me from behind. 

All I can say is that we were all frightened by a loud bang from behind, and just as I turned my head to look at my kids in the back, I saw my car skidding on the wet road heading towards the car infront of me. There was no stopping and unfortunately my car struck the car infront of me :(

From that point on there was alot of screaming from the kid behind, me trying to calm them, and me trying to get my husband on the phone.

Even today I still cannot believe it happened. Clearly the woman who struck me from behind did not see me stopping along with the other cars, clearly she was distracted doing something else than focusing on the road.

So my car was smashed but luckily my kids were fine. I am still suffering from a stiff neck and my son is a little sore but we are fine. This is why I think our Guardian Angle was working overtime... because things could have been worse.

  • Earlier that morning I took out the other carseat I use for my niece during the week to make more room in the trunk. If it was there ... it would have plough into the backseat harming the kids. 

  • I was suppose to pack my sister's Christmas present in the trunk (a large mosaic mirror) to take but the weight of it deterred me. If there... there would have been broken glass flying everywhere.

  • Finally just before the hit I was considering switching lanes... if attempted the possibility of the woman hitting on the side with Sydney was great. 
So this morning I want to thank God for protecting my family. I want to thank my guardian angle for working overtime to protect us ... and I am thankful no one was harmed in the accident. 

I hope everyone is careful on the wet, icy, slippery roads this season. 


  1. I am so sorry for this! I am glad your family is safe. Slippery roads are really dangerous

  2. I'm so grateful that nobody was injured, but what a shame. :(

  3. I'm so glad to hear that your kids were not injured.

  4. God is GREAT. So glad everyone is okay!

  5. Oh wow! I'm happy to hear that everyone is okay! People need to start paying attention and get off their cell phone and actually pay attention to the road.

  6. oh my goodness, thank God everyone is ok!!
    Helene in Between

  7. Oh my! I'm so sorry this happened, but am glad to hear that you all are doing okay and were not seriously hurt other then soreness.

  8. Wow! So happy that you and your family are okay. Thank God for His protection!

  9. Wow, so glad everything is okay. It is amazing how God works...

  10. So sorry to hear about this! So glad everyone is safe and sound. Wow you are right, someone was watching over you!! Thanks for stopping by my blog Hugs

  11. So thankful you are safe, and that the Lord helped you use those instincts to stay safer. Sorry about your car, though! :(

    A New Follower from OKC,
    Meredith at

  12. Wow I'm glad everyone is okay.

  13. Glad that everybody is okay :/

    Thanks for following my blog, I'm following yours back!


  14. Think God that everyone is alright and no one got hurt. His's Angel's really protect us from harm and danger.

  15. Glad everyone is OK. You may want to edit your photo to blur your licence plate number - for privacy reasons, though.

  16. Thank God everybody is safe. I believe in our Guardian Angels who are always there to keep us safe. Thanks for visiting my blog and for following me. I am following you back.

    (Pursuit of functional Home)

  17. Thanks for the follow girl! i am following back!

  18. Thanks for coming by, following!


  19. WOW, I am glad you are okay! Everything happens for a reason and you have an angel watching over you for sure!
    I remember when I was in a small accident, I will admit it was not nearly as bad as this one, but I remember the panic and fear come over me (I was also rear ended) thankfully I was the only one, I don't know if I would be able to keep it together if I had children in the car

  20. You are a very positive person... Others might continue to curse! All is well that ends well. Take care of yourself


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