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To say or not to say...

Did you ever find yourself in a position where you want to say something to someone but feel as if you cannot because you know it will make the relationship between you and that person uncomfortable??

I know my mother would tell me, "if the problem cannot be resolved and the person stops taking to you, then that person was not your friend to begin with and then.. no love loss".

But what if that person is your neighbor... your work colleague ... or someone you saw on a daily basis... and you have no control over how often you see them. Do you bite lip and hope that the situation gets better all on its own... or do you ignore the person in the hopes that they will be able to interpret your silence.

I know my mother would tell me, "sometimes you have to know when to pick your battles."

But what if that battle came to you and you were not the one who instigated it in the first place. What if you said something that was completely honest but the person took offense to it. Then what. Do you apologize for something you know in your gut is a lie, but it will appease the person, or again just ignore and pretend that it is going to go away?

I know what my mother would say, "sometimes words can be more damaging than actually swinging a sword."

The bottom line is that sometimes in life things happen that you just cannot ignore. Sometimes you do have to ruffle feathers for others to know that you are not a push over and someone that can be walked over. Sometimes you just cannot stay quiet.

So I did speak out... I now await to see where the chips are going to fall.


  1. It is a difficult delima and hope it works out well.

  2. I think it is harder for most women to be specific. But I do follow your mom's philosophy in choosing your battles. Good luck!

  3. It is hard. Iknow , been there....I am there...:) But I follow my husband philosophy in my matter...keep my eyes on what is important for my family, if it affects it then talk to that person, but talk to God first about it.

  4. I hope things work out for the best - I think sometimes we spend more time fretting over whether to do something than getting it out there... hopefully the person you need to speak to is receptive or at least understand that what you need to say comes from the right place!

  5. Your mother is one smart cookie. My parents taught me to speak my mind. That gets me in a bit of trouble sometimes lol

  6. I believe you did the right thing. You didn't do it maliciously, or with bad intention - you did it honestly. Good luck.

  7. I tend to get in a little trouble with speaking my mind, but I feel that I don't get taken advantage of when I do so!!!

  8. Hope everything works out girl, I have been there!!

  9. Good for you! I'm interested to hear how that turned out for you.

  10. Thank you for your visit and your comment, you have a great blog!! I followed you back as well!:)

  11. I hope it all works out for the best.

  12. Thanks for your visit to my blog! I'm your newest follower!

    I like your post. I was in a similar situation. A coworker/friend was offended because of something I said. She quit talking to me, and I was pretty upset. I should have talked to her, but eventually I did reach out and try to do some kind things for her. Our relationship is better, but it's been about 2 yrs.

  13. I agree it's really hard to be honest when you have to deal with certain people on a daily basis. Good luck and hope it all works out in the end.

  14. That's always a difficult thing to know how to handle. :( I hope that your "friend" realizes that you were just being honest with them. I can so hear my own mother saying those things to me too. lol

  15. Hello!

    I'm your newest follower from the Aloha Blog Hop:) I enjoyed reading your post and I applaud you for speaking out.

    Lillies & Silk

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