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Let the Anxiety go!

As a mother I am constantly struggling with anxiety attacks from worrying about my kids. Not only do I get worked up when my kids are doing things for the first time... like swimming or exams during the school term... my mind is always freaking me out of things that could happen. Things I would have absolutely no control over. 

As a mother I get nervous when they are running around. Especially my 2 year old who is wearing a dress and racing like there is no tomorrow :) Or when it is their first day of school and worrying about if they would make any friends. 

The problem is... too much worrying brings about STRESS. So I really have to take it down a notch. 
How do I do that??? I do what everyone else is doing. I play Carnival!!!

Around this time of year I relieve months and months of pent up stress by jumping in the streets with my hubby and close friends. 

I just let the music flow and have a fantastic time dancing the entire day away!!! 

Granted my kids will be well taken care of by my sister, so no anxiety attack there... Just the freedom of not having the kids around... not having to worry about meals... naps... snacks.... play time is a treat all in itself... So Carnival is the icing on the cake!!!!

This is how I plan to let my anxiety go....

What do you do????


  1. Definitely getting out without the kids is a great way to relieve stress. We have date nights every week on Friday, and it is awesome for relieving stress and building our parental relationship.

  2. Looks like a great plan! Nothing better than a great party. I actually had most of my anxiety when my oldest two were babies. I thought about every worst case scenario. Now I don't have as much time to ponder the awful possibilities. I do enjoy exercise and crafting when my stress levels get too high.

  3. I'm glad to know I'm not the only mother out there who worries like crazy about her baby(ies).

    I say a lot of prayers and put my trust in God to keep my family safe.

    Looks like you will be having a blas relieving all that stress!!

  4. Take a chip for me...ah will be thinking of yuh when I watching Vampire Diaries and Scandal on Carnival Monday! :D

  5. I've heard such great things about Carnival. So awesome that you get to partake in it every year =) Enjoy the festivities.

  6. Oh I am aching for home seeing this stuff. I miss Carnival. Jouvet morning mud mass was so much fun as a kid. Have lots of fun and don't stop till 11:59 on Tuesday.

  7. We barely have carnivals here. Eventho we have one it's not as fun as the carnival in your pic.. :/


    Stop by and say hi sometimes

  8. I suffer from anxiety too, and I can only imagine how hard it will be once I have kids! When I recognize the signs I try to remind myself how I would much rather be a laid back, go with the flow type of person and not to stress!

    Jessi in Wonderland

  9. Thanks for following via the Thursday Thump. Now following via GFC, Twitter,and G+.

    Happy Kids, Inc

  10. Yay, Carnival! Will enjoy following your blog.

  11. Definitely a different kind of carnival than we have going on in Germany (lots of more clothes, ha ha, because it's frikkin' cold here)! Looks like so much fun!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! It seems you might be a noreply blogger, you'll probably get loads of more e-mails back if you fix that =)

    Anja @


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