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Lost and Found

It’s amazing how in life you loose things of importance without you even becoming aware of it. The other day I was cleaning out the top shelves of my cupboard trying to get more storage space. But what turned out to be a simple project of throwing away things I thought to be rubbish… brought tears to my eyes and a longing in my heart.

I was always close to my grandmother. There were countless weekends I would spend enjoying her company and her good food. There was nothing better than a plate full of boiled provisions and stewed chicken. But that was not all… it was her powdery scent and the way she would routinely put on her rings and watch in the morning.

I loved everything about her… I loved just watching her, helping her and talking to her. Then when she moved to Canada the one thing that would remind me of her was … her scent.

So rummaging through the shelves I came across a box …. In it was one of my grandmother’s ring, her watch and a faded handkerchief.

The first thing that struck me was the perfume still lingered on the material.

The second thing I noticed was the seconds hand on the watch was still moving.

And the third thing I noticed was her onyx set ring settled perfectly on my index finger.

Nothing could compare to the loneliness I felt, and the loss I relived knowing I was never going to see her again. Nothing could replace the void in my heart knowing she was never going to touch, wear or feel these things again.

So that day, although I remembered the loss of my grandmother’s death… I found precious attached to special trinkets that I now wear today. It felt good to bring these things back to life and in a way rekindling the love I felt for gran.

I love you Gran … always.


  1. This was sweet...really nicely written. A wonderful tribute to your grandmother. xo


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