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Summer Blog Challenge: Day 6 - Nick Names

"Nicknames You Have and Why You Have Them"

My nicknames changed as I grew. Because my name is Jillian everyone called me Jilly for short. It was easy to say and I answered to it. That is self-explanatory.

Then in high school my friends called me Red Ants or Jack Spaniards because I am red in complexion and when I get angry, my friends said I bite or sting at them. Basically when I lost my cool I became angry and blew-out the person I was upset with.

Now I answer to Jillian or Jill but there is one of my husband’s friends who sings a song to me every time he sees me or talks to me on the phone. It go like this…
‘Oh Jilly you so fine…
You so fine you blow Jude’s mind …
Oh Jilly…Oh Jilly”
I guess this stuck because they thought this was fitting to the reaction I had towards my husband when he first met me (blush blush). What can I say… I guess he liked what he saw... :)


  1. Tina is my main nickname, which is short for Christina. The few times I had to, as a child, give my full name along with its spelling, I'd say "It's Christ and then add ina." I always got a surprised reaction by that. Since Christ was never spelled with a K (at least not in English) I figured that was a clear enough explanation.

    I did not grow up in a nickname kind of family. I associated nicknames from close family as endearment, so there were times when I wished I had one (other than Tina). Then, when I was in my early teens, my brother called me Peanut Brittle. He did this for a couple of weeks. When we lived under the same roof, my brother was hardly ever civil toward me, so this was a big deal. I love encouraging people and I knew I should never tell him that I liked it, but one day I bubbled over and told him it was a neat nickname. I never heard it again.

    Funny how things work out, but I married an only child who's mother had several nicknames for her son. This was hard for me, as I felt that he was dearer than I, but now I know that she didn't intend to make me feel less special.

    Tina - an author and blogging mom at

  2. Ahh, so cute. I have several nicknames and a few that won't be mentioned because I don't want them repeated. I played Nelly in South Pacific so there is that one, and No dots for my umlaut over my E in my name Noël and then a few more that yep, I really can't share publicly.

  3. I also have nicknames I choose not to share, but they are fun and endearing. Sweet post. I am your newest follower and look forward to more visits.

  4. lucky... i have always wanted a nickname!! :)

  5. aww that little song is so cute!!

  6. Lol, I like that version much better than "Hey Mickey." It definitely has a ring to it. :)

  7. Oo, I like this idea of a summer blog challenge! Jilly is a super cute nickname.


  8. Thank you for coming by my blog. I sure appreciate it. You are welcome to come by anytime!

    I like the nickname Jilly. My name is LaVonne so a lot of people call me Von. My daughter is Isabella and we call her Bella. Now my newborn is Nathanael and we will nickname him Nate. :)


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