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Listening to your Inner Voice.... again

Funny enough I had another 'listen to your inner voice' this weekend and again I am grateful I did. The weather down here has been feeling like a sauna so I got the opportunity to take the kids to a pool at a friend's house. You just never know how something so innocent or normal could possible turn into a life changing event.

You see my daughter loves the water. I really think she is a water baby because you cannot keep her away if there is a body of water nearby. The other thing is once she sets her mind on something she is very determined to follow through. So while all the kids were inside getting their sunblock on... my daughter decided to take a little stroll by herself to the pool.

I on the other hand was just about to take a bathroom break and gave a quick glance around the room before closing in. Then I paused. In my glance around I could not recall seeing a little person in a pink princess bath suit. I could not recall seeing Sydney. So I stepped out and asked the other 3 adults in the room... "Where is Sydney?" And before they could even wonder her whereabout I turned and flew out the door. I knew exactly who I was dealing with and I knew exactly what she wanted. "I want pool mommy!"

To get to the pool you had to take about 50 steps and pass at least 3 building .... and my little 2 year old went strolling along pass these buildings... up and down the 50 steps and was standing by the pool with her finger in her mouth completely mesmerized.

The good thing is she did not jump in and she listen when she heard me scream her name. The good thing is I did not waste a second searching for her in the house and went on my gut instincts. the good thing is I listened to my inner voice that warned she was not where she was suppose to me. I listened to the voice that said .... "Where is Sydney???"

I do not want to think what might had happened if I did not notice her absence in the house. I do not want to think she would have jumped in with no one present. But the truth is many kids risk their lives jumping in a pool because they are unaware of the danger.

I am just lucky I acted as fast as I did and that her guardian angel was working overtime.


  1. Wow, your mommy instincts kicked in and you were smart enough to listen and act so quickly! I'm glad your daughter is okay. :)

  2. oh wow.. scary!!!! great job listening to your instincts.. Sadly I tend to doubt my instincts a lot and I REALY need to work on trusting them more!!

  3. Wow! What a scary feeling that must of been. Fortunately, you know your daughter very well and knew exactly where she might be headed. Glad that everything turned out ok. Thanks for joining in on the Totally Tuesday Blog Hop. I'm now following you via Twitter!

  4. Hi Lovely, I'm your new follower from Blog Hop.
    Love your awesome blog. Feel free to check out & follow my blog @

  5. How scary! I'm so glad to hear she was just fine :)

    Thank you for visiting my blog, and following!

    Hope you have a wonderful day :)


  6. So scary. Glad it was ok. New follower.

  7. OH, man! I'm so glad you listened, too! My son did something like that once, only he jumped in! Luckily we were just on the patio & my husband was able to run over, jump in, and snatch him up! SO scary, though!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my guest post! I'm excited to get to know you better! Plus, with a name like Jillian you MUST be awesome, right?! ;)

    Jillian @ Hi! It's Jilly

  8. wow, that is so scary! My oldest has never been afraid of water and would jump right in without even a second thought so I've always been a little paranoid around swimming pools :)

    So glad you listened to your inner voice and glad your little princess didn't jump in!

  9. So scary!! Thank goodness you went with your instinct!

  10. I'm so happy that you went with your gut on that, and I'm glad Sydney was smart enough not to jump in. Good work, Mom!

    (Also, I'm following you back now, too!)

  11. Oh goodness, so glad you caught her in time! Following back from Caffeinated Chronicles of a Supermom, thanks for coming by!

    I apologize, when I went to publish your comment, I of course being me hit delete on accident. So if you don't see it show up, that's why. Obviously I need more coffee this morning :D

  12. Oh gosh! We have a pool and I regularly panic about the little guys out there. I have locks and chains galore on all the gates! And yes, yes, yes, always listen to that inner Momma voice. So glad to find your blog :)

  13. I went to my best friends house last summer (not this past summer, but the one before that) and she has a pool. My youngest son has to wear a life jacket to go into the pool because I don't trust his swimming skills yet. Well, he got into the pool without his jacket on and couldn't get up to tell anyone he was in there. I was pregnant with Zeva and was stuck sitting down. I caught he was missing within seconds (my back was turned away from the pool.) My best friend got him for him quickly. Since then he's made sure he's kept his jacket on at all times around water. It scared all of us big time.

    I think it's amazing how God installed in us our "motherly instincts." Great post.

  14. So glad that everything turned out ok! What a scary moment! That gut instinct is a powerful thing. Thank you for the follow on my blog, I am here to follow back!


  15. Major goose bumps!! My 3 yr old also loves the water, anytime we're near it I keep an extra eye out. :) Danica Martin

  16. found u through the naptime review mom's monday mingle and now follow thru gfc..i'm so glad your instincts kicked in like that. kids are SO FAST!


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