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Surviving the Tantrums

It is amazing how your little one in the blink of an eye can turn into a screaming, hitting, raging demanding ... MONSTER!!! 

It all started when I told Sydney to come upstairs to take a bath. Lets just say she was not ready to do it. Then began the battle of the bosses. 

Who was in charge?
Who was the first one to give in?
Who was going to end up on top?

(The answer was ME ... but my daughter did not know it... I think she thought she was the boss !!!) :)

So began the hitting... the stomping and the crying because Lord knows she was definitely going to put up a fight. 

She screamed when I put her in the shower...
She screamed when I was dressing her...
She screamed when I combed her hair...

Then all she wanted was hugs .... it was all worth it in the end :)

What came last was important. I did take the time to explain to her that her behavior was not acceptable. I did tell her that she needed to listen to her mommy and daddy. I did reinforce this with a consequence... and she agreed...

Now all I have to do is do this again the next time she acts up... wish me luck!!


  1. Good luck! Tantrums are no fun

  2. well you've got the right attitude--you are in charge!! don't forget that--firmness and love go a long way--good luck--stay strong

  3. Glad it worked out in the end :-D

  4. OH Yes, the tantrums. We are going through that with 2 children right now. My son is 7 years old. His tantrums didn't start until he was 4 years old. And they are horrible. Because he's so big I can't just help make him do the task anyway. I'm at a loss with him. My daughter is 3. I can still be in control there> When she throws her fits, I just ignore her and we do the task anyway. She doesn't get any attention reward for her tantrums and they have remained manageable. It is tiring work though. But as long as we are consistent it will get better. I hope. :)

  5. Oh lady, do I hear you! My youngest is three and he is a bossy, screaming, non-listening BRAT right now! I know it's a phase. I know he'll get past it. I know it's just part of the learning process. But it's driving. me. CRAZY. Lol

  6. You handled it perfectly. Now for the hard part, continuing.

  7. Yay - One for mommy, zero for your little one. :)

    I am finding that how I react is everything!!

    Am your newest follower! And thanks for stopping by Seriously Kate!

    Kate @

  8. Following you back from The Stuff of Success! Love your site! Athena

  9. Doesn't this sound familiar... :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you back!


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