Monday, 27 May 2013

Virtues... Pick of the Week

With virtues being focused at my school on a weekly basis I have decided to start doing a Virtues pick every week and share how this virtue is impacting on my life... so here goes..

Today's pick was ...

If I try applying this to my work, I really need to learn to be less judgmental and allow people to have their own views and opinions. As a teacher there is a fine line between teaching and controlling what others think. We have to be careful not to cross that line. Teaching is a service that should not be taken advantage of and I do consider myself blessed that I help educate others in a subject they will practice for the rest of their lives.

If I apply it to my home I have to take the time to truly listen to my loved ones and by supportive of what they want. I have to hear what they are saying and allow them the chance to express themselves without fearing of being judged. I love them and with Humility I can show them how I truly feel by just being there.

How would you practice Humility?


  1. Good points! I'm a teacher, too. You're right, it's difficult to find the line between judging and teaching. The hard part in my life is remembering that just because my husband doesn't do things my way, it still works.

  2. I think it's so important to reflect on judgement (even in our own thoughts). I imagine that you are an amazing teacher!

  3. I think this is a great concept. I'm sure you will inspire many others to do the same. I practice Humility by trying to always praise others when credit is due; so many times people do not give others the praise deserved.

  4. love these points!! i bet your an awesome teacher

  5. These are great points. For me, it's remembering that it's not all about me. ;)

  6. Humility is a hard one and a virtue many people lack (unfortunately). I feel I try to exercise this by not talking when I should be listening and remember that my point of view is only one in a sea of so many.