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When Somebody Closes a Door ... Another One Opens a Window.

This was a line I heard from the Sound of Music, and it has walked with me through all the stages of my life. At the time I first heard it, I obviously did not know the meaning... I was a kid just falling in love with Julie Andrews ... who wasn't. 

However now it carries... so much more meaning. Now I see it as a window to understand change. I see it is an opportunity to believe that something better is coming. It is the keyhole to a positive outlook. It means that life will go on, no matter what, (even if at the time, every bone in your body believed it has just ended). 

So my life has changed .... and it has taken me a long time to get to this point. It took all this time for me to face change and accept it... and see it as a window for better things ... and in a way it has become much better. 

So I start by sharing that I went through some emotional changes ... Not going into details because I am no longer dwelling on it ... but it did not mean what I experienced did not hurt. I hurt like a beeeeep!!! It knocked the wind out of me and left me feeling very hollow inside. In fact I did not know if I would ever be the same ... and in a way I wasn't. But this was what changed the wind in my sail and completely turned me in a new direction. 

I am now sailing in new seas. I am now experiencing new passions, loves and accomplishes I never thought possible. I am happy. 

Don't get me wrong ... I think I did go a little crazy for a while, and all my purposes in life became a little blurry. It was a hard year and I struggled to find my footing... but there was always a silver lining. My Family, Faith and Friends really pulled me through... Thank God. 

I did not want to change for the bad... but a part of me thought it would be sooo easy to go down that road. After all I was the victim ... I did not ask for this change ... why should I care what anyone thought ... but I did care. 

So another ... better window opened ...

I am a Mother of two beautiful children who I love dearly. 

I am a Teacher who enjoy working with kids and believe I have the heart and and patience to make a difference.

I am a Wife... ammmm ... am I really? I will answer that question with ... I am me ... accept me for who I am ... love the good and the bad, understand all my quirks and .... be with me (not because you NEED TO but because you WANT TO).


I am a Writer - I write ... I love to write ... and I love what writing does for me. And very soon I will be achieving one of my greatest dreams ... I will become a published author. 

My Children's Novel "Dragon Boyz" is going to be published... I wrote this but the joy and excitement that is attached to that comment has me wanting to scream from the highest mountain!!! It is an out of body experience and a surreal experience all at the same time. And you know what ... no one can take that away from me!! This was my journey ... my passion .. my dream to achieve ... and I did it.

So today I smile at that closed door and feel free. Today I learn something else about myself when I think about what it means that 'Another One Opens a Window'. 

Today I can climb through another window with anticipation that everything will be fine. 

I wait ... I breath ... and I welcome ....


Jillian Nicole Carreira


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