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Thankful Thursday... life's lessons.

It is amazing how you can start the day and go about your normal routine and be  completely shaken up   and scared out of your mind. This being Thankful Thursday I have to say I am thankful to be alive!!

If you have not yet heard about the drivers in Trinidad then you should. They are very reckless and inconsiderate... they do not care for anyone else on the road and their primal goal is to get to their next drop as quick as possible just to make another buck.

It makes you think that your life was put at risk for just a few dollars!!!

Basically I was heading on my normal route to work... with my son Dylan sitting beside me... and before I even know how... there was a car slamming to a complete stop infront of me... and another one being forced to a stop at the side of my car. This of course was caused my the Taxi Driver who, without caring for the oncoming traffic, pulled recklessly in front of the cars ahead of me and drove across 2 lanes to get ahead.

Fortunately no one got hurt... fortunately no one slammed into my car and inflicted pain on anyone... especially my son.

So I am thankful for me brakes!

I am thankful for my patience (because I could have lost control and used some very obscene language at that hour in the morning).

And I am thankful for just being able to respond so quickly, as well as the other drivers' ability to respond quickly to prevent a terrible accident.

Thank God for my life.


  1. How scary!! I'm glad no one was hurt. God was watching over you and everyone that morning. :)

  2. Goodness, that gave me a sick feeling in my throat to read how close it was! I'm thankful you were alert.

  3. Life often brings us times when we remember what to be thankful for. Thank goodness no one got hurt! Thanks for the follow, following you back!


  4. Wow! Glad you and your son are ok! I had a close call yesterday whenI was out with my kids. Its totally jarring. I had to pull over and just thank God profusely that no one was hurt, weird to have you stop by after what happened to me yesterday...almost the same thing. Thank you for stopping by! I am following back on GFC!

  5. That's so scary. The gas drilling industry has recently taken over our town and the driving has been so bad with all these big trucks. There's been a lot more fatalities and we've had a few close calls ourselves with these trucks. I now rarely go anywhere unless I have to. I know how you feel.

  6. That is scary I am glad you are ok.

  7. Thanks for stopping by the other day for a little inspiration on "downshifting." The picture in this post is so encouraging! Now following.


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