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This is funny but very true...

My husband and I experience the "Baby Trap" every night before putting Sydney to sleep in her own bed.

Which one do you experience??


  1. It's been a long time since I had little ones sleeping with me, my kids are now teens. But, when they were little, I would sometimes have all four of them in bed with me. My husband is a firefighter and works 24 hour shifts so they often piled into bed with me when he was working. As crowded as it would be, I loved it.

  2. none--the only time my kids got in bed with us is when they were sick or had a bad dream--didn't get into any habits like the above-very cute!

  3. We don't have kiddo's but I hear that those positions are normall lol!

  4. I didn't co-sleep so I didn't have to experience any of these funny positions!

  5. We have gone through that. Our daughter is 5. Ine one way, it is nice to cuddle, however, if we had it to do over again, we wouldn't have co-slep. She ended up not wanting to go to bed by herself, whether in her own bed, or in ours. It has made it very difficult, until we had to start getting very firm with her. For people that have "easy" children, bonus! We didn't, lol! We have a very stron-willed child.

  6. This is hysterical and so true! Except that my husband somehow always gets to be comfortable.

  7. True...The neck scarf definitely

  8. This is funny! I can only imagine how my kids would take over the bed if we let them sleep with us!

    Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired

  9. OMG!! I love this.. The Booby Trap was my fav. Thanks for stopping by Bad Word Mama! Following you :)

  10. Hey there follow this link to an award for you!


  11. This is hilarious! Our baby man never sleeps in our bed so I don't go through these but the names are hysterical anyway :)

    Thanks for stopping by Little Spindle earlier. I'm so excited to have you following along and I'll be following you now too!


  12. As I'm not a mother I've never been there with a baby = with a dog however I'm there every night lol x

  13. We don't have kids, but this is how it is with our dog! Hilarious!!!

  14. This was absolutely freaking hilarious Jill! I loved it. I commented on my Pepsi Pot Roast about your beer idea - fantastic! ;-)


  15. Every time I see this it makes me giggle...and makes me a little sad that my girls never enjoyed sleeping with us for longer than a little break when they aren't feeling well.


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